Wednesday, July 22, 2020

2020 Update!!!!

I have been SOOOOO bad on updating this blog.  I am so sorry, but also, I just have nothing new to write about!  Steve went to MD Anderson for labs and scans in June and they were clear!! That makes SEVEN years clear!  Other than that, we really dont have too much new to blog about.  Our oldest daughter Sadie was a senior this past school year.  She missed out on lots of senior year traditions, but in the big picture, everything was still ok.  Steve saw her graduate!!  He wasnt even supposed to see her get out of middle school!  Life is good!!!  She is moving on to college in just a few weeks.  My momma heart is hurting, but I am so proud!

I still get so many messages from those that are
newly diagnosed and looking for inspiration.  If you are here and looking for inspiration, I am SO glad you found us!  Keep in mind that melanoma treatments are improving everyday, and try to keep a positive attitude! I KNOW that is so hard!  But try!  You can do it!