Friday, May 11, 2012

It's a no hospital kinda day......

Steve had his lab work done this morning.  His white blood cells were 1.8, so he still has to stay away from people.  His platelets were 20 (they transfuse under 20, so he barely made it). His hemoglobin was 7.9, and they transfuse under 8.  However, since it was so close the doctor recommended that Steve NOT get blood unless he was feeling excessively fatigued or was having shortness of breath.  Steve absolutely, positively did NOT want to go back to the hospital today, so he was fine skipping the blood transfusion.  He doesn't have shortness of breath not extreme fatigue.  So, I thought we would be spending the day at the hospital but we didn't have to after all (yay!).  So, now we wait and go Sunday and spend the day getting blood work, CAT scans, MRI's, and possibly transfusions depending on the lab work results.  Then we will back to see Dr. Kim bright and early (8:15) on Monday morning to get the results.  I will update when we get the results.

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