Monday, September 24, 2012

AIM at Melanoma - Walk for a Cure - Houston 2012

Thank you all for your help.  Between Sadie, myself, my cousin Randi, and my best friend Dana, we were able to raise over $3500 for AIM!!!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The walk was amazing!  Judy Sager and all of her crew did an amazing job putting the walk together.  We all did the free skin screening (I have a couple of small areas I need to get cut off, but just to be safe.)  There were lots of booths giving out free snacks, drinks, sunscreen, sunglasses, SPF chapstick, etc.  The energy was awesome! 

While I was there, I ran into Dr. Hwu, one of the melanoma oncologists.  We discussed Steve's current treatment plan and discussed him possibly participating in the TIL program in about 6 months (more on that later).  We ran into staff from Dr. Kim's office (Urvi and Brenda).

All in all it was a great evening!  Thanks again to those who donated and also Randi, Dana, and Cheris for participating in raising funds!  You ALL rock!!!

 My best friend, Dana.  'Pale is the new tan'
Sadie's chalk art. 
 Sadie photobombing Randi!
 Dana and Taylor
Sadie and Taylor
 This will displayed on the melanoma floor.
Sadie and Dr. Hwu
 Me and my baby girl
Sadie Rae 

Team 'Steven Martin'

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