Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Official results are in.......

I often tell Steve that I have more anxiety waiting for the official scan reports to come in rather than getting the initial scan results back from Dr. Kim.  Dr. Kim usually has only looked over the scans himself and maybe listened to some dictated notes, but the official report is never ready.  This time around was no different.  I have spent the last 8 days checking Steve's online portal (multiple times a day) for his official scan results.  Today, finally, the reports were in.  As always, there is information in the reports that is confusing and we will need to speak with Dr. Kim about and possibly see some different specialists about.

The great news is that it is confirmed that there is no new melanoma, the lung nodule decreased in size about 33% (from 3mm to 2mm), and the clavicular lymph node shrank by about 25% (from 16mm X 16mm to 12 mm X 13mm).  We hope that when we return in September the Yervoy has shrank the tumors even more!

The oddball things on his official reports:

  1. There is some cortical thinning in the lower pole of the left kidney.
  2. Calcified granuloma is noted on the right. There is coronary artery calcification. 
  3. There is some hyperattenuation within the secretions in the frontal sinuses and this may be related to inspissated secretions versus fungal sinusitis.

These things are clearly stated as having nothing to do with disease progression.  The thinning of the lower pole of the left kidney could be due to treatment, but at the same time his kidney functions are fine at this time.  From the little I have read online, as long as kidney function is ok, this is not a problem.  But, I may schedule Steve an appointment with a kidney doctor anyhow.  The calcified granuloma (again, I read very little) does not seem like a big problem, but probably deserves to be checked out more. The issues regarding sinus' and secretions we aren't worried about at all as Steve was sick with a sinus infection or bronchitis when he had his scans. He is cleared up and feeling fine in the sinus'.

Overall, really good news, we will just need to address a couple of issues to make sure he is not in any danger of any kidney, heart, or lung problems. 

I have been invited to participate in a Google+ OnAir Interview regarding melanoma, Steve's treatment, my blog, etc.  I have my first phone call regarding the interview on Friday.  It will probably take a few weeks to get the interview lined up, recorded, edited, etc.  I will post as soon as I have a link!  

Father's Day weekend and our youngest daughter's 3rd birthday!

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