Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Surgery tomorrow

In September, Steve had 2 biopsies done of some suspicious moles on his back.  The moles came back negative for melanoma, but severely atypical. The dermatologists at MD Anderson decided it would be best to have surgery on these 2 moles (wide excision).  Tomorrow at noon Steve will have the wide excision on these 2 moles. The information regarding the surgery is in my last blog post, which you can access here

Other than surgery tomorrow, life has been pretty calm for us since Steve's last scans.  We went out of town for our daughter Sadie's birthday, we just got back from New Orleans for a Saints football game.  We had a blast! 

This weekend is the AIM at Melanoma walk in North Carolina.  I wish Steve and I were able to attend and meet up with so many of our fellow melanoma warriors/caregivers.  Next year for sure!  If you would like to donate to the walk, please do so here.

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