Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Biopsy update

Just a quick update, the pathology from the biopsy Steve had at his last appointment came back clear.  No melanoma and not atypical.  Nothing further will need to be done.  Just another battle scar :)

Wear sunscreen.  Wear sunglasses.  Wear a hat.  Do monthly self exams.  See a dermatologist annually.  Don't use tanning beds.  LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN!


  1. Hi Jennifer! I'm so proud to read that Steve is NED! I just saw your family's story on fb/MD Anderson page. My dad has the same exact diagnosis! He was diagnosed in October and is being treated at MD Anderson as well. I would love to know ways I can help spread awareness about this awful disease. I'm overwhelmed at how much it's "overlooked." If you have time I would love to hear about ways you started fundraisers, etc. thanks! Kim. Kimkevinw@aol.com

  2. Hi Jennifer, have You seen this?


    from Hungary

  3. So glad to hear abut your cancerversaries. I pray they will continue.

  4. I live in a tropical country which makes sun exposure inevitable. We are not used to using sunscreen on a daily basis only when we're heading to the beach. I am naturally tan but when I was a kid, I had really brown skin because I was always out in the sun. Will I be at risk in having skin cancer as well even when all my adventures in the sun was way back when I was young?