Thursday, April 3, 2014

No Evidence of Disease!!!

I apologize to those who only follow through the blog, that I am just getting the latest update up.  Steve had his appointments at MD Anderson on Monday and scans all showed that he is NED (No Evidence of Disease) still!  We are both so thrilled!!!!

We stayed the weekend at The Rotary House that is attached to MD Anderson since Steve's appointments were so early Sunday and Monday morning.  After his appointments on Sunday, we relaxed in the room for a bit and then had crawfish for dinner at Sam's Boat.

The Rotary House

Being silly waiting for the car.

Monday, Steve had a full day.  Luckily the appointment with Dr. Kim was first, so we got the NED news right away.  It was a bittersweet appointment.  Dr. Kim is leaving MD Anderson and going to San Francisco to work.  This was our last visit with Dr. Kim.  We have been sooooo happy with Dr. Kim's care, his personality, his knowledge, just everything about him.  We are going to miss him so much!  Steve has now been assigned to Dr. Patrick Hwu.  Dr. Hwu is one of the top melanoma specialists in the world.  We are so happy to have gotten assigned to Dr. Hwu and have no doubts we will receive the same quality care we received from Dr. Kim. 

Busy Schedule

Steve and me with Dr. Kevin Kim

Steve and Dr. Kim
No news is good news.  I hope I don't have to update again until 3 months from now!!!


  1. Congratulations Mr. NED!!! WELL DONE! :) keep going!!
    As soon as Merck's drug is authorized, Mr.NED and the other melanoma patients will have another strong weapon in hand against melanoma.

    from Hungary

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