Thursday, June 7, 2012

Surgery - Day 3

Not too much to report today.  Good news though, right?  Steve and I both slept through the night.  I even slept through the doctors round (again).  Steve's pain is now well managed and is overall getting less intense too.  The doctor asked him to do at least 5 laps around the nurses station today.  He ended up doing 7 total.  One lap the first time and then two other times he did three laps.  Tomorrow if he is up to it we are going to have a "date night".  We are going to walk to the newer tower of the building.  On the 24th floor there is an observatory deck and you can see all of Houston lit up at night.  Everyone that's been says how beautiful it is at night.  So, if he is up to it, it's date Friday night date night at MD Anderson :)

Steve is still on a liquid diet. Today he had part of a popsicle, part of a nutritional drink, some jello and lots of ice chips.  The doctor will probably put him on a regular diet tomorrow although at this time Steve has no real desire to eat anyhow.  Steve came in weighing 240 pounds and is now 260 pounds.  He is getting lots of fluids pumped into him, so the doctor seems ok with that amount of water retention.  It should all come off quickly once the fluids are stopped.  There really is no "news", Steve is just laying around healing and getting better.  Just from the improvement he has made in the last 2 days, I really think he is going to make a quick recovery from this surgery.  I'm not going to let him over-do it at home, but I think it is going to go better than we had anticipated. We will see....

This afternoon, Lucy from the communications department stopped in to talk with us.  She had contacted me last month about collaborating with MD Anderson on some of my blog posts.  We discussed that and several other posts she is interested in me writing for their social media outlets (that could include their blog page Cancerwise, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, magazines, etc).  Lucy is stopping back by tomorrow to pick up HIPPA release, and media release forms.  She was super sweet and I can't wait to work with her on some different things.

Miss my silly Sadie Rae....

Missing Princess Bully too!!

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