Monday, November 12, 2012

PET Scan

Not too much went on today.  Steve had a really decent night of sleep.  The doctors made their rounds.  He saw the pain management team, the rounding melanoma team, the infectious disease team and the pharmacy team.  The pain management is doing exactly that, keeping the pain under control.  The melanoma team is managing this whole ordeal.  The whole ordeal that we still have no clue on what is really going on ordeal. The infectious disease team was called in because Steve was running fever last night of 102 something.  The pharmacy team was called to go over all his meds to make sure none of this was a medicinal side effect.

Steve's liver enzymes have been elevated for a week now.  They were high last week when I brought him in to Dr. Kim's office due to his eyes being yellow.  His billirubin was high also then.  The numbers the following day were better, so we assumed his liver enzymes were on the mend.  Well, his liver numbers continue to rise (although the bilirubin is almost back to normal) and they are not sure why.  It could be all of the pain meds, but they don't think they should be as high as they are even with the pain meds.  He also had a liver ultrasound last week that they did not see anything on.  If they continue to be high, they are going to call in a liver specialist.

His platelets are low and continue to drop.  The normal count is around 150.  When we came in on Friday they were 104, then Saturday they were 91 and today they were in the 50's.  They are stumped as to what would cause his platelets to drop when his white blood cell and red blood cells are fine. 

He had a PET scan today.  The PET scan should show them any areas that have cancer cells.  He will have a spinal tap and spine biopsy at some point tomorrow.  It is scheduled for 11am, but when they draw his labs in the night, if his platelets drop below 50 (which if they follow their current trend they will) he will have to get a platelet transfusion before he can have the spinal tap and spine biopsy. 

He has started running fever again tonight.  It is so odd.  He had fever one time last night and now one time tonight.  They are holding Tylenol due to the elevated liver enzymes unless his fever gets over 101.4 (he is currently only 101.3 - yay!!). 

So, that's it for tonight.  I will update again tomorrow.


  1. Ah...I know it has to be scary and frustrating not knowing what's going on. I'm thinking of you guys, OK? Always sending love!