Sunday, November 18, 2012


Absolutely nothing medical happened today.  The rounding doctor came by and basically said Steve is now famous within MD Anderson.  He was very frustrated that he is now off of Steve's case since a a new rounding doctor will come on tomorrow (this will be Steve's doctor coincidentally).  He really wanted to see the case through and figure out what in the world caused all of this mess with Steve over the last 10 days (or more if you count the several days at home prior to being admitted).

They are just waiting on the groin biopsy (which should almost 100% be back tomorrow) and the bone marrow biopsies to come back to rule out any other type of cancer.  We should hopefully go home tomorrow or Tuesday.

Steve has been very sleepy today.   He didnt wake up till almost 10 am.  We ate breakfast and then he fell back asleep.  I woke him up @ 11:30 and told him we needed to go for a walk (the doctor had wrote orders ok'ing him to be completely disconnected from the IV pole and to leave the floor).  Other than to and from the bathroom he has not walked around at all this entire time.  In the beginning he was in too much pain, then he had one procedure after another (many requiring him to lay flat anywhere from 2-4 hours), then he would be too sleepy, etc, etc.  So, anyhow, I made him get up.  We went down to the laundry room and started our laundry.  While waiting on the clothes to wash, we went up to the observation deck.  It is a gorgeous view of the city from up there.  Then we walked downstairs and outside to the front of the hospital.  We found a bench and sat a while.  It was gorgeous out today and the first time he has been outside since 11/9/12.  We headed back upstairs and finished up the laundry. 

 View of Reliant Stadium from the Observation Deck - Go Texans!

 Suuuuure I know how to play the piano ;)
 My LOVE! <3
 Checking out the view
 Steve "fixed" the TV in the laundry room - It had a note that said "Broken call maintenance" (all he did was press one button)

We came back to the room and Steve showered.  He had not been able to shower for 48 hours due to the bone marrow biopsy and he was sooooo ready for a shower.  By this time it was almost time for the Saints to start (Who Dat!!!).  We ordered Papa Johns and had pizza and wings.

Steve fell asleep right at halftime.  I woke him up after halftime was over and asked if he wanted to sleep or watch the game.  He said he wanted to sleep.  That was around 4:00 ish?  It is 8:15 and he is still sound asleep and will likely be asleep for the night.  His sleep patterns are very weird, and these are the deepest sleeps ever.  I was talking with 2 nurses and an assistant right by his bed (and we weren't quiet) and he didn't budge. 
 Maybe he won't read the blog and see this pic :)
Catching some serious flies!!!

Anyhow, hoping for answers tomorrow.  If they have no answers, that is ok too.  As long as his numbers are improving, we just wanna go home!


  1. I hope you guys get some GREAT answers tomorrow and get to go home to your babies! You guys are such a beautiful family! Hope Steve sleeps well tonight! Sending love.

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I hope we are able to go home tomorrow. But I am not getting my hopes up. I AM getting my hopes up to go home by Tuesday though. I even made an appointment to get these roots taken care of ;)

  2. I'm so excited to hear what sounds like good news! Glad Steve's pain is getting less. Praise The Lord!! Steve, there are a BUNCH of people praying for you--more than you know and can probably imagine. You are on several prayer lists (we're talking daily, specific prayers for your healing and health) here in Shreveport-Bossier and more down south in Lake Charles area.
    I listened to your Moon Shots interview and you did a fantastic job--keep that HOPE! When you talked of your hope, it reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures: Psalm: 25,4 "Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me,for You are God my Savior, and my HOPE is in You all day long" I pray this scripture every morning (and usually several other times as the day goes on)and the last part about Hope is the reason it is one of my favorites--it encourages me and stregthens me! I too hope you get to go home very soon! We love you and your family and are sooo proud of you'll.
    Uncle Tim