Saturday, November 17, 2012


I will make tonight's post short.  Here is the info we got today:

Xray - ok

Groin Biopsy - No signs of melanoma, still waiting on other stains from the biopsy to come back that would check for lymphoma or virus'

Brain MRI - all clear - no melanoma, nothing abnormal

Bone Marrow - Still Waiting on results

Spinal Tap - No Melanoma, waiting on other labs

Virus Testing - CMV (as well as all virus') have come back negative.  There are some virus' that there are not even tests for.  The infectious disease doctor is also leaning towards something in the CMV family and said that sometimes the blood will give a false negative.  They will also check the spinal fluid for CMV

We are **hoping** to go home on Monday, no later than Tuesday.  The Dr. said he could have sent us home today, but Steve would have had to put a port put in and went home on IV fluids and antibiotics.  Most of the tests will be back on Monday.  He said he hated to put the port in and then Monday it show that it wasn't needed and then Steve would have to come back in and get it removed.  So, it made more sense to just wait it out and see what Monday brings. 

Steve's platelets are going up, his lymphocytes are going up, his liver enzymes are going down, no fevers, no pain (other than from the bone marrow biopsy), so whatever was causing so much ruckus is getting better for sure.

Spinal tap in the middle and bone marrow biopsies from the left and right.

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