Thursday, April 12, 2012

Better Numbers

Well, Steve had a new blood draw today.  I spoke to the nurse (Effie) filling in for our regular nurse (Delores) and she said that Steve's white blood cell count is up to 4.1 (yay, we were able to go have lunch for my birthday today!!), his hemoglobin was 7.8 and now it is 8.3, so it is still low but has went up a little bit.  This is why he still isn't feeling completely up to par though.  It basically means his anemic.  Anyone who is anemic knows how tired and weak it can make you.  His platelets are at 46 which is much better than the 16 that they were at, but they have to be at least 100 for him to start treatment (which he is scheduled to start on Monday).  Effie let me know she would talk to Dr. Kim and call me back.

Effie called back a few hours later and let me know that Dr. Kim wants to postpone Steve's next treatment by 1 week.  So, instead of starting on the week of the 16th, he will start on the week of the 23rd.  I know Steve is happy.  He had already asked me if we could ask Dr. Kim to postpone it a week.  His body just needs more time to recuperate.  Also, Steve's birthday is a week from today, so he would have been in the hospital on his birthday.  Who really wants to spend their birthday in the hospital?  This also means Steve will get to see both weekends of Sadie's performance. I know Sadie is happy about that!

So, I guess we get a week "vacation" so to speak.  Steve doesn't even have to have his blood drawn again until next Friday, the 20th.  Thanks to everyone for everything!  I will keep you all posted if there are any changes or updates.

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