Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not too much to update

Well, there is not a whole lot to update today.  Steve had the blood transfusion yesterday and they drew his blood in the night.  Dr. Davies came in this morning and let us know that Steve's hemoglobin was at 9.1.  This was a good increase from yesterday and he thinks it will help with the fatigue.  Steve's platelets and white blood cell counts are still low, but they did not drop too much more.  So, overall everything is looking ok.  Even though Steve had the blood and his hemoglobin increased, he still slept most of the day.  We got up @ 8:30, ate breakfast (In addition to his cereal for breakfast, he had a chocolate milkshake for lunch and a vanilla shake with Boost for dinner. So, he is getting some calories in), watched some TV, and our friend Josh came to visit.  While Josh was visiting Steve starting feeling bad.  He said he was fine when the nurse came in to check on him, but I could tell something was wrong.  It turns out, the chills were coming on and he needed Demerol but was playing Mr. Tough Guy since we had a guest.  Finally he couldn't take it anymore.  Josh left, and Steve took the Demerol.  So, he basically slept most of the day after that.

While Steve slept, I played poker.  I didn't win, but it was nice to play again and I had a nice view while playing.  When we called for admissions on Monday morning I requested a corner room if one was available and we were lucky enough to get one. The middle rooms are TINY and we were spoiled when we had a corner room on his first treatment.  We just assumed all of the rooms were that big.....WRONG!

It was nice to get up out of the chair/bed and sit in a regular chair and play poker with the great view.  I always bring family photos and pictures of the kiddos too.  Gotta let these doctors and nurses know what we are fighting for!!!

More of the view from our room. 

I just like watching the traffic and people coming and going. 

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