Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today was a good day

I think today may finally be the turning point where Steve starts to feel "normal" again.  He did have to have a platelet transfusion today.  The doctor ordered 6 units and he got a little over 4.  I tried to understand why they dont give exactly what the doctor ordered, but I guess I'm just not "getting" it.  Anyhow, we got to go to the Bay Area location for this transfusion.  That was helpful, considering it's about a 15 minute drive versus about a 45 minute drive to the Main Campus.  We got to the appointment at 9:35 am and we were gone by 12:05 pm.  Not too bad....2 1/2 hours total.  It would have went a little quicker, but the first IV the nurse tried to start, she could not get going.  Steve was a little dehydrated and also had some scarring in that vein.  The nurse called another nurse in and she was working on starting an IV in his hand.  His vein was rolling, but she finally got it going.  The drip itself (a gravity drip) only took about 25 minutes.

Waiting to get started.

My babe <3

He actually sat and worked from his phone most of the time.....crazy!

After we got home from the transfusion, Steve had some lunch.  I was really exhausted and decided to just sleep until it was time to pick up Sadie Rae.  So, I got about an hour and a half nap in....that was nice!  Steve stayed up and has been working and playing on his computer all day.  I know he must feel better because he A-hasn't napped any today B-has much more color to his face today and C-is playing on his computer in the computer room.  When he feels bad he is in the living room in his recliner or in bed.   So, I'm really hoping he has a good rest of the week/weekend.  He is scheduled to start treatment again next Monday.  Neither one of us is looking forward to it, but it will be #4.  That will put us just a couple of weeks away from new CAT scans.  He will have the new scans a day or so before treatment #5.  Tomorrow we have NO appointments.....none for me, none for him, none for the kids......NOTHING!  I am going to enjoy the day.  I need a pedicure, and need to shop for a dress for my Aunt's wedding.  Other than that I am going to sit at home and do nothing, except maybe sleep!  Thursday is a busy day.  Its my birthday (boooo!!), Steve has a blood draw, and Ashlynn has a follow up appointment from her adenoid surgery a couple of weeks ago.  Friday, we are hoping Steve's numbers are up enough that we can go to the movies.  We want to go see The Hunger Games.  Saturday is Sadie's play and Sunday if Steve's numbers are up, we may take the kids to ride some rides at the fair (and pack us up for a week at the hospital and the kids for a week at Hamol and Hapaw's) So, again, tomorrow is our RELAXING day!  I will update again on Thursday and let everyone know how Steve's numbers look. 

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