Friday, April 6, 2012

Did I mention I really HATE cancer?

Well, Steve had his blood redrawn this morning.  We were hoping for increased white blood cell counts and increased platelets.  Instead the nurse (Delores) called us back with just the opposite.  His white blood cell count had dropped to 0.8 and his platelets have dropped to 16.  Delores paged Dr. Kim and let me know she would call me back and let me know what Dr. Kim wants us to do.  Delores called me back and let me know that Dr. Kim wants Steve to have a platelet transfusion of 6 units.  He also has to be extra cautious of being around sick people and watch for any signs of infections or fevers.  If he gets any excessive bleeding or fevers we have to go straight to the emergency room.  Steve is sleeping now, I haven't told him yet that he has to get the infusion (although he knew there was a high possibility).  Now, I am waiting on Delores to call me back and let me know what time we have to be there for the infusion.

THIS IS A SIDE EFFECT FROM THE MEDICATION, AND NOT FROM THE CANCER!  I keep reminding Steve of this everyday so he doesn't get any more depressed than he already is.  We have 8 weeks until this treatment is over.  That also means these side effects will go away.  If dealing with 8 weeks of crappy side effects means living longer and beating cancer, we will just have to deal with 8 weeks of crappy side effects!


  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for these regular updates. You guys are always on my mind


  2. Hey Jennifer, Thank you for the updates. We have you and Steve in our thoughts and prayers. You hang in there Girl !!!! Bill