Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick update.  Steve had his blood redrawn today due to his low counts yesterday.  Yesterday his white blood cell count was 4.0 (normal is 4-11, so 4 was good) and his platelet count was 27 (normal is 150-450).  I spoke with Dr. Kim's nurse this afternoon.  She let me know that the platelet count did drop, but only to 25.  They only transfuse if it gets below 10, so that small drop was not too worrisome.  His white blood cell count also dropped.  It dropped to for now, no going outside, going in public, coming into contact with anyone sick, etc.  They say that after a chemo treatment, your counts are usually at their lowest about 10 days after treatment starts.  So, that would be right about now.  Today would be about 9 days ago that his last chemo treatment started.  He has another blood draw on Friday.  We are hoping for better numbers. Better numbers will help Steve's energy level, his brother and family are coming in town on Friday and I know he wants to have more energy for their visit.  And even more importantly, better numbers mean less risk for complications.  I think even though the numbers sound scary right now, everything is ok.  We have been told from the beginning that the treatments/medicine is cumulative.  Meaning, each cycle his counts will probably be lower and lower because some of the medication from each cycle is still in his system each time he starts a new cycle.  Hopefully he will never have to do a transfusion, but if we are being realistic, he has 3 cycles left and there is a very good chance that he will end up having to do a transfusion at one point.  We are ok with that, as long as the meds keep kicking the cancer to the curb!  We have to keep in mind that the low counts are side effects from the medications NOT side effects from the cancer!  Steven still has no "cancer side effects".  The cancer isn't spreading, we are halfway finished with treatment......we can do this!!

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