Monday, April 9, 2012


After spending all day trying to get back in touch with the nurse to find out when we needed to go for the transfusion, I found out @ 3:00 pm that it is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  I literally dealt with this from 11-3......sigh.  The good news though is that Dr. Kim called me back to explain everything to me (that the nurse could not).  All of Steve's counts are low - red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, you name it.  So, I was real curious as to why they were only giving him platelets. I know it is very important to keep the platelets above 10.  But why were they not also concerned about the red and white blood cells?  Dr. Kim said that they usually do not transfuse blood unless the counts get below 7.  Steve's is at an 8.  Steve is young and "hopefully" his count will go up over the next few days.  If he got blood now, he would be taking blood from someone more needy.  He is not having any "symptoms" other than fatigue and that is just to be expected after treatment.  In addition to that reasoning, your body can become immune to blood transfusions and so it is better to save them for when your levels actually reach the 6-7 mark or you need it for some other reason.  Ok, that all makes sense.  Then I asked about the white blood cells, he basically said that even though Steve basically has no white blood cells at this time, he thinks they are going to start going up and as long as he stays out of the public and practices good hand washing he will be ok.  So, I guess all is good-ish.

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