Monday, April 9, 2012

More Transfusions.....Sigh

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Well, to catch everyone up since Friday. Steve had his platelet transfusion Friday evening.  It went very smooth.  We were in and out in about an hour.  Unfortunately, since Steven only got platelets and no whole blood, it did not help his energy levels.

Steven's brother and family were coming in town for Easter weekend and actually beat us to the house.  We had a good time visiting, the kids played on the moonwalk/waterslide that I rented, dyed eggs, had an egg hunt, and went to Main Event.  Stuart and Dana helped me get the garage cleaned up, put up a shed in the backyard, and made a patio with a white picket fence for Ashlynn's playhouse.  We cooked every night and all in all had a very nice visit.

Steven was still very weak and tired the whole weekend.  He managed to stay up most days and even went outside a few times to watch the girls on the moonwalk, do the egg hunt, watch us clean the garage, etc.  He had an episode on Saturday night/morning that has never happened before.  He woke up out of a dead sleep and ran to the bathroom and started dry heaving.  I got him some anti nausea meds, and some anxiety meds and he was able to go back to sleep relatively quickly.  He slept till about 11 am on Sunday morning.  When he woke up I noticed it looked like he had black eyes under his eyes.  Apparently when he was dry heaving some capillaries under his eyes broke and some blood was pooled under there.  It kinda freaked me out, but it already looks about 90% better this morning.  Steven was due to have his blood drawn again this morning.   Eric, a friend of Steve's was coming through town on his way home from his family Easter trip and wanted to meet him for lunch. We were hoping for good numbers from the lab so we could meet him - Yes, I was inviting myself to come along :)  I tried several times to get in touch with the nurse, Fertina (our regular nurse is out today) but she was in with patients.  After about an hour or so, I was finally able to get in touch with her.  Steve's platelets were at 14 (they were 16 Friday BEFORE the transfusion), his white blood cell count said incomplete, his hemoglobin was very low, his neutrophil count was very low (a neutrophil is a type of white blood cell).  So, overall, EVERYTHING dropped.  Everything should be going back up at this point in the treatment.  As I am typing this, the nurse just called and said that the Dr. is ordering 6 more units of platelets for a platelet transfusion.  I questioned her on why they are not also going to give him whole blood?  He has no energy, and his red blood cell, and hemoglobin counts are very low??  She said she will talk to the doctor and call me back.  Regardless, he will definitely be getting a platelet transfusion at the least today.  I will keep everyone posted once I know more.