Friday, April 27, 2012

On the home stretch.......

Well, Steve had a rough night.  He woke up around 3 am with an upset stomach.  He spent an hour trying to get his stomach calmed down.  Then just as he finally got his stomach under control, they came in to do his nightly blood draw.  I think we finally went back to sleep around 5am.  It seems to be a pattern.  Every round he will have one day where he is awake most of the day followed by a day of sleeping all day.  Today was the sleep all day day!  He has felt miserable and tired all day.  He has gotten several different nausea medications also to help with his tummy.  Even though he has had an upset stomach he has managed to eat and drink a little for every meal.  When Dr. Davies made his rounds today, he said that all Steve's labs continue to be where they need to be.  They went ahead and did a blood typing (a blood typing is only good for 72 hours) in case his numbers drop over the weekend and he needs a blood transfusion.  They also usually order labs 3-4 days after we are discharged but this time ordered labs for Monday.  They want to keep a close eye on everything.  

All of Steve's medicines for this round will be complete around 1:30 am.  So, tomorrow will start day 1 of "recovery".  Steve has only been up one time to walk around the nurses station, so I need to get him up and moving tomorrow.  I have to leave him here for several hours tomorrow while I go home and get ready for and then attend my Aunt's wedding.  I hate leaving him, but at least it is on recovery day.

Happy Friday to everyone!

Missing "Princess Bully".....

.......and "Punky" too!!!!

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